Underload − Everybody is talking about it, we do it!

The rumour persists that small clarification plants are not able to deal with the demands of permanent underload.

We can not speak on behalf of manufacturers of other systems here, but for AQUATO®KOM, we can prove the contrary in writing.

During the harsh winter of 2009, we exposed our purification plant to the thorough inspection of the aaccredited test laboratory MFPA in Weimar using their official test bay. All testing for the official DIBT− and application approvals is carried out there.

With outside temperatures of up to minus 17.5° Celsius, an average temperature of 10.9° Celsius was measured inside the biology of the clairifcation plant. Actually, a sufficient de−nitrification is only enabled with a minimum of 12° Celsius.

Right from the beginning, the plant reached the required transition values of class C. To also comply with the effluent class D requirements, it was necessary to modify the adjustments of the plant slightly. During this process, it became obvious that the running times of the compressor as the main consumer of electricity could be reduced significantly. In the end, the AQUATO®Kom reached a COD of 25 mg/l (chemical oxygen demand), a BOD5 < 3 mg/l (biochemical oxygen demand) and NH4-N of 0.1 mg/l .

And we’ve saved the best for last:
On average, the plant’s power consumption was only 0.1 KWh per person per day This value might even reduce if the AQUATO®Kom is individually adjusted to the operator’s characteristics and to the discharged waste water..

What does that mean for you as an AQUATO® customer?
Purchasing an AQUATO® small clarification plant, you will receive a high−performance and extremely economical small wastewater treatment plant equipped with approved technology.

Because AQUATO® clarification plants just do the job!