Lauterbach Kießling®

eine Marke der MENK BETON GmbH


Lauterbach Kießling®, is a brand of MENK Beton GmbH with its location in Seybothenreuth.

The portfolio includes high-quality products made of concrete, for wastewater treatment as well as for rainwater utilisation.

Lauterbach Kießling® has been producing easy-to-maintain small wastewater treatment plants for domestic wastewater at its factory for more than 80 years. Equally successful and reliable, the rainwater utilisation systems for household and garden developed in-house have enriched the environmentally friendly product range for over 30 years.
Competence thanks to many years of experience combined with sensible innovation enable a contemporary, environmentally friendly product range that has a solution ready for every problem. The cost-effective building material concrete convinces with its environmental friendliness and high durability, in addition to many other advantages.


Lauterbach Kießling®
Eine Marke der MENK Beton GmbH
Industriestraße 2-4
95517 Seybothenreuth
09275 / 981- 0
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