AQUATO®KOM purification plants, the fully biological wastewater treatment with state-of-the-art compressor technology as a complete set or as expansion for existent containers. The facility is safe and easy to use and it owns a compact construction with integrated magnetic valves. It is economically priced and energy saving due to short running periods of the compressor. Moreover, the construction is easy to maintain as no wear and tear parts are in touch with water.


 Brochure-SBR Complete Program-AQUATO® KOM and PUMP 3 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Flyer AQUATO® Wandschränke & Freiluftsäulen 4 MB Download
 Operation manual AQUATO® KOM-KOMPAKT 2 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-274 6 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-275 6 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-356 4 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.8-703 (Deutsch) 2018_07 Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.8-704 (Deutsch) 2018_07 Download