AQUATO® at its best – AQUATO®PUMP !!!

Compact, lightweight, maintenance-friendly … and, as always, excellent technology.
The AQUATO®PUMP small sewage treatment plant combines the tried and tested with modern,
is low-maintenance and consumes little power!


 Brochure AQUATO® PUMP 2022_5 3 MB Download
 Flyer AQUATO® Housing (German) 2023_06 1 MB Download
 Operation manual AQUATO® PUMP 2021_10 20 MB Download
 Operation manual K-PILOT 8.3 (Deutsch) 2020_06 3 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-274 6 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-275 6 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-356 4 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.8-705 Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.8-706 Download