AQUATO® has succeeded in what has been tried for a long time – the wastewater treatment plant – almost without sludge removal – approved by DIBt, with outstanding cleaning performance

COD: 95% | BOD5: 99% | SS: 96% | NH4−N: 98% | Ntot,anorg: 77%

Test plants under various conditions have proven over the years, STABI-KOM works „without ifs or buts“

  • No odours
  • No fouling processes
  • Prevents corrosion in concrete tanks
  • Significantly reduced operational costs



 Brochure-SSB Small Sewage Treatment Plant-AQUATO STABI-KOM 2022_04 4 MB Download
 Operation manual AQUATO® STABI-KOM 2021_06 2 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-469 4 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-470 4 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.32-488 5 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.32-489 5 MB Download
 (Deutsch) PIA55.31-469/470 Download