AQUATO ® ORKA – This will solve your wastewater problems when the amount of wastewater is a bit bigger!

By efficient analysis of the on-site situation and the requirements, competent consulting in the planning phase and optimally tailored process management, we realize with our AQUATO ® ORKA Wastewater treatment plants up to 2,000 pe.

The selection and use of high-quality components plays an equally important role for the success of our ORKA solutions as the simple assembly of the components on site.
Our AQUATO ® ORKA is already used for settlements, camping sites, leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants and other commercial areas.

Reliable and durable technology,
Which is also easy to mount.

    • Individual design for your application
    • Stable and easy-to-use control technology
    • Oxygen supply with side channel blower
    • Tested ventilation elements
    • High-quality pump technology
    • Pneumatic Lifting Technology
    • Safe to operate
    • Low maintenance





 Brochure - AQUATO® ORKA SSB 2022_05 2 MB Download