The modern control K-Pilot 18.1 / 18.3 with plain text display. So you have all the important data at a glance. To minimize the maintenance effort, a backpressure monitoring is integrated.

Standard equipment is the K-Pilot 18.1. For larger systems or special functions, the K-Pilot 18.3 with extended functionality is used. In this control, for example, there is the possibility to connect a clear water pump, whereby even larger delivery heights can be bridged.

Control AQUATO®K-PILOT 18.1

  • Advanced control for smooth operation
  • Graphical display
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Compact design with integrated rotary valve
  • As an alternative to clearwater siphon, a submersible pump can also be connected

Technical equipment Compressor

Membrane compressor with 80, 120, 150, 200 l / min

Control: K-Pilot 18.1 / 18.3

Air distribution: rotary valve with stepper motor

Connections: 4 nozzles for hose ∅ 16 mm, socket for compressor, power connection ready for plugging 230 V AC

Wall Bracket

By default, the systems are shipped with the controller on wall console. It can be used for complete installation or retrofitting of the AQUATO® STABI-KOM.

Product description

Control console of the AQUATO® STABI-KOM K-Pilot 18.1 / 18.3 with integrated rotary valve, power failure detection, linear compressor.

Dimensions: width 260 mm, depth 190 mm, height 210 mm plus height of the compressor

Mounting: Wall mounting

Construction: Powder-coated steel console and control housing made of plastic