The modern control system K − pilot 22.2/22.2 s with clear text display.

For AQUATO ® SSB ® Compressor

  • Plug-control
  • 2-line text display
  • Built-in power failure message
  • Current monitoring of the compressor and the valve
  • Flow Class C and D
  • Software update possible
  • Also suitable for installations of other manufacturers

K-Pilot 22.2 s with float switch connection

Technical equipment

Compressors: 80, 120, 150, 200 l/min diaphragm compressor
Control: K-Pilot 22.2/22.2 s
Air Distribution: Valve
Connections: 1 valve plug for the valve installed on the control,
2 hose connections at the valve, socket for compressors, power Connection Plug 230 v AC


 (Deutsch) Bedienungsanleitung Steuerung K-Pilot 22.2 (Deutsch) 2020_09 799 KB Download