SBR Cycle
SBR Cycle

The AQUATO®KOM sewage plant is an SBR−construction with compressor technology. Pumping is done by air lift pumps. Without any electrical parts touching wastewater AQUATO®KOM proves to be extremely robust. Activation is initiated by membrane aeriation. This AQUATO® small clarification plant is available as wall bracket or outdoor pillar.
Maximum reliabilty − thousandfold approved.

Phases of the SBR−procedure

These four phases of the SBR process run in state of the art single or multi-chamber tanks – or easily, without much structural changes, in existing older tanks.

1. Charging Phase

Part of the wastewater, which has been collected inside the primary treatment and which has been cleared from solids, is transferred
to the aeration tank.

2. Aeration Phase

The waste water inside the treatment chamber is intermittently aerated and mixed. Thus, activated sludge is created which contains
the microorganisms needed for wastewater treatment. Aeration and resting times can be adjusted to the actual needs of the biology.
The excess sludge is transferred to the primary treatment, from where it will be disposed primary with the sewage sludge. If no
wastewater is added during aeration phase, the plant will automatically switch to the energy saving mode

3. Sedimentation Phase

The activated sludge settles on the ground of the aeration tank. The cleared water rises to the upper part of the

4. Discharge Phase

The clearwater is pumped out of the tank through the outlet.