The AQUATO ® Stabi-S is a single-stage stimulation system according to the SSB ® method
(Sequential stabilizing activated sludge process– an aerobic sequential wastewater
cleaning system with integrated sludge stabilization).

The simplest version from the AQUATO ® Stabi family captivates by their unbeat-bar cheap price!
It is well suited for your wastewater treatment as a new building or for retrofitting your existing plant.

Outstanding Cleaning performance:

COD: 95% | BOD5: 99% | SS: 96% | NH4−N: 98% | Ntot,anorg: 77%

  • No odours
  • No fouling processes
  • Prevents corrosion in concrete tanks
  • Significantly reduced operational costs


 Flyer AQUATO® STABI-S (Deutsch) 2020_07 407 KB Download
 Operation manual AQUATO® STABI-S 2 MB Download
 Flyer AQUATO® STABI-S- Complete Plant 4 PE in KL-04 344 KB Download
 Flyer AQUATO® STABI-S-Complete Plant to 50 PE in KL-09 375 KB Download
 Flyer AQUATO® STABI-S-Complete Plant to 500 PE in KL-09 360 KB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-469 4 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.32-489 5 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.31-470 4 MB Download
 (Deutsch) Zulassung Z-55.32-488 5 MB Download